SMOC are a UK brand that have created a really beautiful range of smoking accessories. I got my pipe and dish back in February, and I got them both in the shade Moss Green to create this matching set. (Note: The pieces are sold indvidually so it's possible to mix-and-match colours to create your custom set.)

I'm insanely particular about my accessories and over the six years I've used cannabis I've owned just seven smoke pieces. I take good care of my babies and this porcelain ceramic is now the middle child of the three pipes I now own.

Upon first glance I'd expected the dish (or "platter"as it's actually called) to be bigger, but it’s so dinky! It's about half the height of the pipe, and bone-fine. It's dainty and precious and I feel so fancy using it. Buds can be set out for each session and if you're sharing it can take the centre of the table.

The pipe is lightweight and easy to hold, and the mouthpiece is large enough for a comfortable pull. The only complaint I have is the size of the bowl. Even for a one-hitter it does feel on the smaller size. This is probably the only thing that prevents me using the pipe more often, but perhaps could make the pipe better for  discretion and travel.

3:09min vibey YouTube video.

I really like the pipe! It's not my daily driver but it's a cherished member of the group. I'd really love to check out some of SMOC's other pieces, the larger bongs in particular. I prefer their more solid shape, whereas the smaller bongs are a little softer. There are of course other colours in the other accessories too. The bolder Indigo looks beautiful but there's also something so crisp and clean about the White that makes it difficult to decide.

What would you choose?

SMOC Ceramic Pipe & Platter with the Sackville Gilded Grinder

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An incredibly thoughtful gift from my husband. As always he chose flawlessly, channeling my personality by opting for something obnoxiously large, curvaceaous, and covered in gold.
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United Kingdom