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Our gut-brain connection is intimately linked, so in my strive for wellness I've started to become more concious of my digestive health. Naturecan offer a variety of wellness products, and it was their Triple Nut CBD Butter that caught my attention while I was on the hunt for more high-fibre foods.

As well as encouraging regular movements, a high-fibre diet can help lower cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, and lower the risk of chronic disease. Nuts are considered to be a healthy way of delivering fibre, and are high in fats that allow CBD to be efficiently absorbed. Daily use of CBD can help alleviate stress, relieve pain and inflammation, and contribute to general well-being. There are a ton of ways to consume CBD, but infused-foods is a new method for me.

Naturecan's Triple Nut Butter contains 90mg (per 180g) of high quality broad-spectrum CBD, meaning it contains a range of naturally occurring cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Having a broad-spectrum label on the Triple Nut Butter means Naturecan are able to comfortably sell within UK legal guidelines, while still being able to provide their customers with some of the many health benefits commonly associated with cannabis.

Regular intake of CBD can be beneficial for a variety of reasons (some of which have already been mentioned) and this is only made easier when implemented into a daily routine. I've been ordering the Triple Nut Butter on a monthly cycle and have been enjoying it as part of a balanced diet. And while nut butter alone may not be the best - or most efficient method of consumption, when introduced to the diet in conjunction with other CBD-containing products it can help make up the bulk of a *standard daily dose.

Having three different nut-types under one lid also allows access to a greater number of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Nuts are not only high in fibre, but are also rich in the following:

Cashews : Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B6

Almonds: Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Vitamin B12

Peanuts : Vitamin E, Protein, Omega 3, Calcium, Copper

The Triple Nut Butter tastes great on multi-seed flatbread, or melted inside stonebaked pitta. It can also be served as a dip for sliced apple, or added to a smoothie. I love the Triple-Nut Butter and its smooth consistency, but if you'd prefer more texture to your spread there is a crunchy tub of peanut butter available from Naturecan too.

Same-day dispatch from Naturecan is offered when checking out before 3pm, and payment via Klarna is available if needed. I've utlised that option myself and found it to be incredibly useful, but be sure to set up alerts to remind you of your purchases.  

*Standard daily dose as per the food standards agency.



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