“Be multi-functional, but make it fashion.”

An incredibly thoughtful gift from my wonderful husband. As always he chose flawlessly, channeling my personality by opting for something obnoxiously large, curvaceaous, and covered in gold. It suits our decor perfectly and will be the centre-piece of the living room, where we sit together and smoke each evening.

I wanted to capture her on camera straight away.

She’s a substantial piece (reminding me of a paper-weight, or vintage ashtray) and her “diamond-sharp” teeth quickly reduce my flower to a sticky crumble. I love the way it looks sitting in the chamber; green against gold. And there’s enough room to serve guests.

This isn’t an accessory you take out-and-about. The Gilded grinder is a modern masterpiece, and nothing short of coffee-table art. It’s de-stigmatising, eye-catching and glorious, and I’m utterly smitten with her.

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