Product photography: {gifted products}

I’m incredibly grateful for the trust in this project and delighted with how the shots came out. I learned some new things along the way and loved having the freedom to explore my own style. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try the CBD Capsules as they contain Gelatin, but everything else was wonderful.

The set was shot in natural light, at one location, and some lost colours were brought back in edit. I enjoyed using the products while photographing them and that definitely contributed to a more flexible and successful shoot. Bringing my ideas to life is always a much faster process when I have spares to work with and Cannacares were sure to provide enough.

Photographing the oils was my favourite part of this project. Playing with different textures has been something I’ve been experimenting with lately and it’s been so much fun. The little pipettes are adorable and are so cute to shoot with. I love how they look against the mirror.

This partnership has been a huge success overall and I hope to work with Cannacares again in the future. I felt like I was supported each step of the way and there was never any pressure. The products are gorgeous and the Vape Pen was especially unique. It’s definitely the most stylish of it’s kind. I look forward to seeing what else might come from this up-and-coming London-based brand. Hopefully some more cart flavours?


Have you worked or shopped with Cannacares before? What was your experience?

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