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I’m already aware of the positive affects certain substances can have on my general wellbeing (CBD being one example.) It seemed absurd to me to waste any more time wondering about the efficacy of other supplements.

After a second screening of Fantastic Fungi I decided to go on the hunt for some affordable mushrooms to implement into my daily routine. I stumbled across Erbology during my search and decided on this brand for a number of reasons:

1. The Packaging

I‘m such a fan of minimal product packaging. I keep regular-use products where I can see them, so a huge selling point for me is how they blend into my environment. Erbology allow the product to speak for itself, and for me that voice is a hell of a lot louder than any bold, bright packaging will ever be.

2. Erbology's blend of organic, medicinal mushrooms

Initially I was searching solely for Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane, but when I saw that Erbology's 'Immunity Powder' included both (+ more) it felt silly not to opt for that instead. Contains : Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Hen-Of-The-Wood, China Root and Mushroom Of The Sun.

3. Ease of use

To get started, I was looking for a mushroom-based product that could be added to foods & drinks I’m already consuming. Mushroom powder appealed to me as an extra something to enjoy in my coffee, hot chocolate, or potentially even something like a casserole.

I’ve been putting about half a heaped teaspoon of mushroom powder into my morning coffee, and another half into a hot chocolate during the afternoon. With the coffee I can certainly tell the difference. The powder leaves an earthy taste and mutes the tone of a black americano. It even appears a lighter shade of brown than the usual stark black.

In the hot chocolate there seems to be no change in flavour. I can’t be sure, but I think the sugars help to balance out the powder. Initially I'd been having my mushroom-infused hot chocolate during the evening, but I found I was having difficulty relaxing before bed. This could be due to the fact that Cordyceps makes up the bulk of ingredients in this blend, a mushroom which can be used to boost energy. I tested this theory by skipping the powder for a few days, and this seemed to confirm my observations.

Hot chocolate infused with Erbology's Immunity Mushroom Powder | HIGHBABE.UK

I've been using this mushroom blend for several weeks now and have no regrets about giving it a try. It's easy to add to hot drinks and makes taking daily supplements an enjoyable experience. With no large pills to swallow and no awful taste to endure, it's certainly a product I'll be buying again.

My advice for anyone trying out new supplements is to keep a daily log of your results. Logging any changes in mood or energy levels can help provide an idea of what affects certain products may be having. Similarly, knowing how and when to take particular supplements can be just as important as the supplements themselves in terms of what they can do for you. Tweak your routines and see what what works best.

Always talk to your GP before trying new supplements to avoid any unwanted side-affects. These products are not intended to cure, diagnose, or prevent any diseases. Always read the label and take care to research any ingredients, or terms you don't understand.

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