I can't believe it's taken me until now to dedicate a post to my all-time favourite smoking accessory; the Session Goods bong.

I think it's the most used piece of glassware in the house and I don't say that lightly. My husband and I bought each other one about two years ago and we've literally used it everyday since. It's interchangable accessories mean you essentially have a "new" piece for $20. With three new colours just dropped that's a lot of bongs.

Retrowave is the name of their brand new line of silicone accessories. And the shades? Paradise, Horizon, and Moonlight.

Taking heavy inspiration from the synthwave vibe, Session Good's new look is an 80's dream. When I got my box of colours I couldn't wait to get snapping. I'd already saved their special Spotify playlist so the vibe was sorted. Setting the scene was easy when I had artists like Grimes and Kavinsky in my ear.

I spent a weekend creating and generally just getting absorbed. I'm really proud of the outcome and pleased to be able to share my set alongside the brand's official launch.

Here are my winning shots: (But seriously, scroll back up and put the playlist on to get the full experience. I'll wait.)

This was a match-made project for me and I had the most amount of fun with it. These are by far my favourite set of photos too, which I think stems from the fact that I have a love for both Session Goods and the eighties.

The playlist alongside the new drop has completely taken my heart. I can't wait to hear these tunes when the sun is really out. Celestial Breakdown was a standout track for me, as was Coca Cola, and Dreams. I can't get enough of the feel-good vibes. As for which new shade is my favourite? In all sincerity - I couldn't decide. I chose instead to mix-and-match, and I let my husband choose the spare shades for his piece too.

But I'd love to know - which shade are you leaning more towards, and which track on the playlist got you in the zone?

You know what blog post (& accessory) goes really well with the Session Goods bong? The Sackville Gilded Grinder.



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