Plant The Seed are a small business based in West Sussex. The brand is run by Georgie and Lewis, who are both passionate advocates for CBD. It seems we stumbled across the benefits in much the same way; by accident, and in total hindsight.

And that's definitely the way I like to describe the effects I've experienced to anyone who's been curious enough to ask. A slow realisation that at some point everything stopped feeling quite as heavy. Something you experience in hindsight. It's a good idea to be patient and not expect instant results.

Regular use is key for long-lasting general wellness. Working out your required dosage is also of great importance. For these reasons (and possibly several more that are individual to you) choosing which product is rightfully considered a personal investment.

"All our CBD Products are third party lab tested so that you can be sure each batch has the right CBD content and purity, whilst also ensuring they contain less than 0.2% THC."

I love CBD oil and lately I can't seem to be without one. My hair, skin, nails and mood are always glowing when I've got a steady build-up behind me. Some brands use Hemp oil as the carrier, others have used MCT, or Coconut. Personally the reminder of the plant is always welcomed, so I prefer mine with a more natural flavour.

Plant The Seed kept minimal as the theme with their products containing only two ingredients; Full-spectrum hemp extract and organic Sunflower seed oil. I found the balance great and there was no trace of bitterness.  

The brand's labels and cards are made using 100% recycled materials, and they've gone as far as to have seeds embedded into the "Thank you" cards, making them entirely plantable! I can't wait to watch mine grow, and the pun wasn't lost on me. 
The plantable "thank you" card! (I know?!)

The re-usable drawstring carry-bag has saved many of my pockets becoming stained, which is my only ever worry when using oils. These come with every order and make unboxing a delightful experience. (I've still been using mine for other things too, like carrying around flavour-carts for my vape pen.) The bag is of high quality too, highlighting the importance of experience that Plant The Seed seem to have made a priority.

To break it down:

From product to packaging Plant The Seed's oil is gentle and inviting. A reflection of the brand, who have allowed room for the plant to speak for itself.

The oil provides relief, but as does the comfort of knowing it's come from a family who care. Georgie and Lewis respect the customer experience and that bleeds into their business. The aforementioned carry-bags and the plantable cards are perfect examples of that.

Whether you're new to CBD or a daily user, Plant The Seed oil is definitely a good shout. The flavour, design and extras (honestly obsessed with this bag) mean you get so much more for your money. Plus you're supporting a family-run business with every sale. Community points for you!


Use code: LOCKDOWN20 for 20% off during the rest of lockdown, and don't forget to give the brand a follow on Instagram and Twitter so that you can stay up to date. (They're incredibly motivating on Twitter.)

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