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CBD flower is excellent for anxiety relief and I’m grateful for the balance it can provide. A 1:1 joint can offer a gentle shift of perspective while keeping you grounded. Elevation, but with your feet still firmly planted.

I’ve been proudly rolling with Qeneh CBD flower for the last few months, and the ease of mind each smoke has provided has been immeasurable. The 13% Strawberry Kush has taken the top spot in my favourites, with it’s creative and calming affects. It smells delightful and fills the room with it’s sweetness.

I also tried some Zeno-K Haze and some Cannatonic which were both more uplifting. Those strains were preferred throughout the day.

Layering a joint with some hash has been a lovely way to include new flavours too. The Bubble Hash has proved to be the winner (in my opinion) due to it’s fudge-like colour and ultra soft consistency.

To keep consumption interesting I try to vary the methods of delivery. As CBD is part of my daily life it makes sense to include it wherever possible. The Herbal Teas from Qeneh are delicious. The Wellness blend hits hard with a floral and fruity aroma, packing a punch that’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Sweet teas like this are my go-to for the Spring when the warmer weather starts to make an appearance. Rich, crisp flavours to really complement the season.

Alongside their berry-toned Wellness infusion, Qeneh also offer four other blends to aid with specific needs; Digestion, Relax, 4 Her, & Lullaby.

Qeneh CBD/Herbal Tea

Relax: Gentle, muted chamomile to help quiet a busy mind and ensure the day flows with ease.

Lullaby: Valerian roots to send it’s consumer off into a deep sleep.

Digestion: Spicy, woody notes to soothe the stomach and stimulate saliva flow.

4 Her: Earthy and floral to provide relief from premenstrual symptoms.

I loved these teas, and I’ve been sensible enough to save a serving of each to enjoy at a later date. The little jars and their cork lid keep them safe in storage and I’d love to share a pot with some friends in the upcoming months.

Teas, hash, and flower aren’t the only thing that Qeneh have to offer. Their full-spectrum CBD/CBG vape carts are a dream, coming in with three fantastic flavours. I still have one more cart left to try so I doubt this will be the last time I feature Qeneh products. I will of course be continuing use of their flower which I have come to grow very fond of.

As always, let me know if you try anything based on my recommendation. Or why not link to your own reviews of Qeneh products in the comment section so we can share opinions? I love hearing from you either way.

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