Giveaways and competitions are one of the best ways to try new products without breaking the bank, and in celebration of the launch of their Instagram page, Longevity Organics hosted an insane one that I was lucky enough to win! The “Relaxation Package” – which is going to be a new addition to their online store – was included in my prize along with £50 that was directly transferred to my Monzo. I’m still in shock that I won, to be honest.

The package itself consisted of a 250mg bottle of full-spectrum cbd drops, a body massage oil, and a tub of lavender epsom bath salts. I couldn’t wait for it all to get here, and thankfully I didn’t have to for very long.

I took delivery just a few days after I was announced the winner and was giddy with excitement. Each jar looked as wonderful as the next, and the glass itself was thick and weighty, like you’d expect from a high-end wellness brand. With minimal and all-natural ingredients also adding a layer of excellence, Longevity Organics have set an absurdly accessible price for luxury.

Lavender Epsom Bath Salts:

CBD Bath Salts from Longevity Organics

Bath-time is my favourite and I take it super seriously. I was especially excited to try the CBD salts, so after “the unboxing” – as it were, I went upstairs to prepare the tub.

An explosion of lavender filled the house as the salts melted into the water, and a little went a long way. For me, bath-time is all about re-creating that spa-weekend vibe. I like to forget that I’m at home, sitting in the same tub that I also hastily showered in before breakfast. I want to be taken away, and I want to feel pampered, and with the CBD salts from Longevity Organics I got exactly that.

The salts gently enveloped my body like a giant CBD hug, and because they dissolved fully into the water there was no risk of crunchy discomfort on the seat. These salts were everything I had hoped for and more.

Ylang Ylang Massage Oil:

Ylang Ylang Massage Oil from Longevity Organics

Used for a massage or as an after-bath moisturiser, this oil actually ended up being my favourite product out of the whole package. To celebrate the win I was promised a full-body rub from my husband, and to be honest we’ve actually not stopped taking turns. Every night we’ve swapped shoulder rubs, and I think that also provides a great reference to how far this oil stretches – we’ve still got half a bottle!

I’ve used many different oils over the years, but for once I can quite confidently vouch that this is one you can feel working. My body feels relaxed after use, and my skin stays soft and glowing with the help from the CBD.

CBD Oil Drops:

Oil drops are something of a luxury for me, so winning this 2.5% bottle was like Christmas coming early. I love to keep the bottle in my handbag, and it works wonders on the cuts I have on the inside of my mouth from stress-biting. Consuming cannabis in a variety of methods has always been my preferred way. I feel the goodness working from the inside out, and this oil is perfect for discretion out-and-about.

I place about four drops under my tongue, dosing as I feel appropriate, and it helps ensure I’ve got a steady flow of CBD in my system.

I’m absolutely ecstatic to have won this giveaway. It was one I had my eye on for the entire duration it was live, and I really exhausted my contacts to ensure high chances. Winning these products, and getting to experience how truly magnificent they are has definitely solidified me as a future customer. There’s absolutely no way I can live my life without that massage oil being a staple in my wellness routine. It honestly is that fabulous.

I want to shoutout everyone at Longevity Organics for hosting this giveaway, and for clearly putting everything they have into products that do exactly as promised. The bar has been set.

Fancy trying it out for yourself?

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