FIT CBD PAIN FREEZE ROLL-ON GEL // @fitcbdltd {paid post}

I learned in my teens that exercising was the most effective way of working through my stress. I loved how much it helped me focus and stay present, so it became an important part of my life. I’ve carried my love for exercise with me into adulthood and regularly enjoy weight training, running, yoga, and long walks. When I’m feeling at my worst moving my body brings me back into a positive mindset, so it’s even more important for me to take recovery seriously. Before every workout I make sure my body is warmed up, and when I’m done I take time to rest and rub down my muscles.

Lately I’ve been using this gel from Fit CBD and it’s been helpful for so many other kinds of pain too. As well as post-workout I’ve been putting a small amount across my chest (which gets sore from premenstrual inflammation) and it’s been almost-instant relief. It definitely teeters on the edge of comfort in terms of heat but it helps so much and I love that I can breathe again.

My creative work – as much as I love it – can also be the cause of some discomfort. I can be editing at my desk for hours at a time so my lower back does start to suffer. I take breaks and I go back to my stretches as usual, but the roll on has been a gem in my routine and has helped get me back to work a lot quicker.

Applying the Pain Freeze CBD Roll On in the best position ever :’)

The Pain Freeze gel has the same affect as the “Deep Heat” rubs you may have heard of, except Fit CBD products haven’t ever been testing on animals – nor do they contain any ingredients derived from them. It’s comforting for me to know that the ease of my symptoms didn’t have to come at the expense of an animal, and I‘m so glad to see there’s an ethical choice available on the market now. The gel includes only 100% natural plant ingredients that have been “specifically formulated to be gluten free and vegan friendly.”

I experienced quite an exciting blend of sensations from this roll on. The cinnamon and ginger work well together to create a gentle burn that detracts from any central pain, while the organic Aloe Leaf Juice and Menthol help “freeze” the skin. It’s a combination that’s odd to me but proves effective, with the CBD serving as the perfect anti-inflammatory.

Only a small amount of gel at a time is dispensed onto the ball. I just tilted the bottle a little to stop the flow and it didn’t affect practical accessibility in any way. The rollerball itself is quite sturdy so it was useful to lean on it to target larger muscle groups. I put some real force behind it to knead out some knots and it comfortably took the pressure. The size and shape of the bottle makes for an easy grip and the label hasn’t worn away with usage. I really like how snug this would fit in my gym bag once I’m comfortable to go back. For home I really love using it after a stretch or a bath, or on my husband – who’s now also a huge fan of the gel.

I got the 150mg bottle (90ml) but there’s a higher % one available on their website if you feel you need a higher strength. There are also some smaller travel-friendly sizes too which would be perfect if you’re lucky enough to get around!

I’d recommend this gel to anyone who is looking for mild relief, or generally enjoys the benefit of CBD. It’s been a saviour for my little aches and niggles and I think we could all do with some extra love right now. Let me know if you go for any of these products too, I always love hearing your opinions and affects are bound to differ from person to person. Let’s compare notes!


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