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When Cali Greens got in touch looking to collaborate I was over the moon. I’d been checking out their Vanilla And Coconut Lotion only days before, so when they asked if I’d like to choose a product to promote on my Instagram, deciding which one was easy.

I was delighted when I discovered that a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil had also been generously included with the lotion. I love a good oil, and it’s been my personal experience that ingesting CBD has resulted in a longer-lasting relief from a variety of cosmetic skin issues. During high stress I will often endure minor flare-ups of psoriasis, typically made worse by highly fragranced creams with zero absorption.

I was really interested to find out what affect the combination of both products would have on my skin.

Vanilla And Coconut CBD Lotion // HIGHBABY.UK


The Vanilla And Coconut Lotion smells amazing, and packs 500mg of CBD isolate in a 100ml bottle. It’s silky to the touch and incredibly rich, sinking beautifully into my skin and leaving behind no greasy/sticky residue.

The lotion particularly proved itself on my more commonly dry areas like my palms, which can get particularly inflamed, and in general helped to maintain a soft and summery glow.

I found it best to apply this lotion in small, circular motions, generating some warmth on my skin. I wouldn’t necessarily use this for a full massage purely because of how creamy it is, but it was great for kneading out little knots and niggles.

5% Mango & Orange CBD Drops // HIGHBABY.UK


As soon as I spotted *MCT oil as a listed ingredient I got excited.

Unlike with hemp oil, choosing MCT as the **carrier ensures no bitterness to the overall flavour. This inoffensive oil doesn’t detract from the sweetness of the orange and mango, making these by far the nicest tasting drops I’ve had. MCT oil has also been reported to help promote a healthy gut, so when combined with CBD it’s almost like a double-dose of goodness.

Infused with 5% (750mg) full-spectrum CBD, this 15ml bottle turned out to be a real winner, and I’m so glad I was able to try it. I’d recommend this oil to anyone who has a distaste for hemp and is looking for something a bit sweeter, and if 5% isn’t strong enough for you there’s also a 10% bottle in stock.

Overall, my experience with Cali Greens was wonderful. When agreeing to a partnership it can sometimes be a bit of a risk. You always hope to enjoy the products so that you can have something positive to say, and in this instance it was made incredibly easy. It feels clear to me that real thought has been put into this brand, and the design has been well considered.

The ingredients are clearly listed in a clean and suitably sized font. There are no over-complicated explanations, and no fancy word-arounds either. From communication, to branding, to experience, transparency has been the theme. The only drawback for me right now is the price, but as my situation changes I hope to be able to include this range into my budget on a more permanent basis. I believe you pay for quality, so if these items are within your range they’re absolutely worth trying for yourself.

I’m certainly curious to find out what some of the other products are like. I know there are some Pomegranate drops that sound great, and another scented lotion too. Let me know if you give any of it a go, I’d love to know your thoughts.


*MCT Oil: A general term for several different fatty acids commonly found in coconut oil and palm oil.

** Carrier: An oil or fat used to prevent CBD from being broken down in the digestive system, (so as to allow a greater amount of CBD to reach your bloodstream.)

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