I was inspired by the natural light coming through the house this afternoon. We recently redecorated our front room and it feels like a brand new space. Not too much has changed, but it’s surprising the amount of difference a coat of paint can make. We added some soft furnishings – like the stool – and the rug has been moved in from the hall. The lamp is also an addition to the room, and had previously been in storage.

This is where we spend all our evenings, so setting the mood was a priority. Choosing the shade for the walls was thankfully an easy job as both my husband and I favour natural, earthy tones. We ended up choosing ‘Parched Earth’ from Homebase, and we love it so much we’re considering painting our bedroom the same.

During the process of decorating we enjoyed smoking some #lemonpie which we picked up locally. We also had some CBD infused Pot Head Coffee to keep us motivated, but not jittery.

We’re pretty pleased with this little make-over. We have some other ideas, and we’ll implement some more changes over time, but for now this is perfect. It’s homey, cosy, and with minimal clutter. A carefully balanced compromise of our differing tastes.

enjoying the new space with my fluffy boy


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