Firstly, Pot Head Coffee is a completely genius brand name. I remember my excitement at first finding them on Instagram. A mainstream product directly marketed at stoners. I don't think I'd ever felt more empowered by my morning cup and I hadn't even had it yet. A pre-infused CBD coffee couldn't be more of what I needed, so obviously I secured the bag.

I have at least one cup of coffee before I shower and it's usually accompanied by a bong rip. If we're being real (which I hope we are) this can sometimes be disastrous. I like to carefully balance caffeine, especially if I'm smoking a strain like Super Silver Haze which can tend to knock my socks off. On occasion though, it goes wrong. Adding CBD drops to my cup has always been an option, but when it's already infused in the coffee it's one less thing I have to worry about.

Pot Head Coffee's full-spectum CBD cafetiere grind (200mg)

The bestselling (and strongest tasting) bag of Pot Head Coffee is the CBD Infused Coffee. This is my preferred choice for the morning. It's rich flavour brings my senses to life and it wakes me up without setting off the jitters. This coffee is well balanced and I very much appreciate the stability and punch behind each cup. Two is my limit though as this coffee is still strong. I prefer to keep this one for early mornings, which leads me onto the benefits of the decaf bag.

The 99% caffeine free bag is the safest bet for when I'm just craving intense flavour. I like to enjoy a coffee in the afternoon and this is perfect. Being free from caffeine and having a dose of CBD makes this coffee extra calming. I really like the decaf option for the full flavour and the convenience. It's chocolatey and nutty, with a "subtle hemp aroma."

It really is my favourite.

A small cup of Pot Head Coffee's 99% caffeine free coffee, with CBD infusion. (Pictured with a few squares of Radek's Chocolate also available at pothead.coffee)
Sipping on a teeny cup of decaf.
Coffee, chocolate, & weed. Issa yes.

The Small Batch Coffee tastes a lot less earthy, and a lot more fruity. The Ethiopian beans have been fully washed and have "complex notes of peach and apricot." This coffee is gently infused with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and isn't as intense in flavour.

This coffee sits in the middle for me, acting as a sort of stepping stone between the decaf and the level three Tanzanian beans. Out of the three bags in the CBD Discovery Pack the small batch CBD would be my second choice after the decaf. Overall the decaf just stood out to me.

Included in my pack was also some Radek's Chocolate. (Thank you!!) This is a 75% dark bar infused with 35mg of full spectrum CBD, and it goes so well with the coffee. I let a couple of pieces melt slowly next to my cup and it was nothing short of delightful. Creamy and soft like all good chocolate should be, but it's also dairy-free, nut-free and vegan. And it's not dense or waxy like a lot of vegan chocolate can be. Honesty, remember?

Melty treats.

To be honest, if coffee and cannabis are already in your life then there's no reason not to try a cup of Pot Head Coffee.

The beans are ground to order so you can choose how you take it. I use a cafetiere at home but there are other options depending on your preferences. Whichever you decide you won't regret it. I'm really happy to start every day with a cup of comforting CBD.

My recommendation? Try the CBD decaf. It's completely converted me.

I was inspired by the natural light coming through the house this afternoon. We recently redecorated our front room and it feels like a brand new space. Not too much has changed, but it’s surprising the amount of difference a coat of paint can make.
Another post featuring Pot Head Coffee.
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With photography inspired by Alva Bernadine and Kotis Fokas.

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