With the purchase of a new rig, I felt it appropriate to source some quality CBD concentrates to dab. Thankfully I'd tried some Diamonds & Sauce from High Kind, so I knew where to return for more.

OG Kush is an old love so I grabbed a jar of Crystals. I also got some Tangerine Dream diamonds & sauce, and the brand threw in their "staff favourite" Purple Punch (which ended up being my favourite out of the mini haul.) I got onto tasting with the Claude Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal, and some handy crafting tools I found on Amazon. I also got hold of some Terpene Balls to help with consistency.

All of High Kind's concentrates are compliant with current UK cannabis laws and contain only trace amounts of CBD. There are 20 different terpene profiles to choose from too, which have been added back to provide users with a unique experience of each flavour. These come from classic strains such as Gelato, or OG Kush, but also include a selection of flavours the brand have "faithfully crafted."

I'll be getting more concentrates from High Kind soon and look forward to shooting with their products again. The crystals and crumbles have such beautiful textures and I especially love the deep amber hues of the Tangerine Dream.

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