With each bath I like to set an intention, and this was was no exception. My desire for this golden blush bath was to open my heart and allow my femininity to cleanse me. I’d been sensing a build-up of energy that was beginning to manifest into something darker and I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. I wanted the soft and striking tones to theme the tub so that I could immerse myself fully in the ritual.

With this bath I learned that it’s ok for me to accept and embrace the fact that I am beautiful, talented, funny, wise, and kind. And that I am also (wonderfully, and at the same time) resentful, bitter, angry, and fearful. And all that’s in-between.

Bitterness, however, no longer festers for very long inside of me before I rise up to listen to what that emotion really means for me. That once entirely unwelcome and rejected feeling now has the capacity to create space for me to question what it is that I desire, and using that wisdom I can tap into previously unseen potential. So instead of feeling shame whenever my brain lingers over the sour taste of resentment, I can instead look within it to see how to better serve myself.

In that way there’s no room for self-hatred, only love. 

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