Blue CookiesHybrid, GSC x Blueberry

The sweet smell of sherbet cuts through earthy notes and there’s a slight hint of lemon. The buds are dense and sticky to the touch, decorated with a thick layer of trichomes. It grinds to a perfect fluff.

A wave of euphoria hits almost immediately, leaving me feeling alert but not hyper-fixated. This strain allows plenty of room for creativity thanks to it’s Blueberry lineage and anti-anxiety effects. Blue Cookies provides a fun, talkative high that would be ideal in a social setting. Conversation flows easy and overthinking isn’t possible.

My body feels warm, energised, and sensitive. The desire for movement is strong and arousal seems to be a given. This is arguably the perfect hybrid and I’m yet to find an activity this flower doesn’t suit.

Too big a serving can tip the scales though, and this strain can be humbling. Even the most seasoned of consumers can expect to feel their heart race if not carefully balanced. (Best enjoyed with a sugary snack or a pinch of CBD.)

Blue Cookies is most ideal for treating low mood.

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