Many of us in the cannabis community are accustomed to smoking pre-rolls, but these have taken on a brand new look. Taking obvious inspiration from big tobacco, the hempettes look like any old cigarette. The only tell? The filter is green rather than orange, I'm guessing as a nod to the contents.

So what about the name?

Well Snapz Duo have been a bit clever here and have come up with a way to include a choice of two flavours in their smokes. Notice the circular tabs in the filter? A gentle squeeze on one of those tabs will cause a co-ordinating liquid capsule inside the filter to burst, providing each resulting inhale with a taste sensation. This isn't your average ciggy!

Snapz Duo Hemp Cigarettes 

The blue tab will freeze blast you with a cool rush of menthol freshness, while the orange tab unleashes a powerful punch of either strawberry, or grape. Of course you don't have to choose either of these flavours as the natural taste of hemp can also be enjoyed.

The hempettes are packed with a "...CBG and CBDA rich blend of organic hemp biomass..."  which is essentially just stalks and leaves from the plant. (A certificate of analysis can be found on their website alongwith a link to some frequently asked questions.)

Snapz Duo Hemp Cigarettes 
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I've been getting these for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy them. Most mornings I light one up while I'm out for a walk and it helps me relax into my day. They don't smell "dank" like you might expect, and instead smell much more like a tobacco cigarette. And while (for the previously mentioned reason) I don't really enjoy smoking them at home, I do enjoy the freedom in discretion while I'm out.

They're reasonably priced, and if you use my code you'll get them for even less.

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If you decide to give Snapz Duo a try based off this review I'd sincerely love to hear about your experiences. Do you you think my observations have been accurate? Or is there is anything else you'd add to the review?

CBD flower is excellent for anxiety relief and I’m grateful for the balance it can provide. A 1:1 joint can offer a gentle shift of perspective while keeping you grounded. Elevation, but with your feet still firmly planted.
Interested in something to hand-roll too?

Please be aware of the relevant health warnings on each pack of Snapz Duo Hemp Cigarettes.



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