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It's been wonderful to recieve another delivery of CBD oil from Plant The Seed. I'd previously sampled their 1000mg bottle and enjoyed getting some creative shots. This time I got to try the 1500mg.

The 10ml bottle came tucked inside a little drawstring pouch. It lay safely underneath a layer of folded tissue paper, with a sticker sealing both sides. The outer packaging was small enough to fit only what it needed, highlighting the brand's passion for sustainability. Plant The Seed have made an effort to ensure their packaging is either "recyclable, reusable or compostable" whilst maintaining a minimal and natural style.

Organic sunflower seed oil is used as the carrier for PTS's full-spectrum CBD. The flavour is natural, earthy, and less bitter than when used with hemp oil. The sunflower seeds also add a tinge of yellow to the finished product, which can be expected. This was slightly lighter in shade than the last bottle I reviewed, but this can vary and is perfectly normal.  

CBD is most beneficial to me just after ovulation, when premenstrual symptoms are starting to peak. My general disposition is more easily balanced when I introduce extra CBD at this point, and oils are excellent for this because I can take them anywhere. The higher dose helps me to establish a greater control over my body and mind, but it's best to start small and work out your personal preference.

It's important to see CBD as a tool, rather than a cure. The best results I've seen for anxiety (in particular) have been when CBD has been used in conjunction with a healthy sleep cycle and good hydration. Balance is key where general wellness is concerned, and having patience is essential. Plant The Seed understand this, and aim to provide additional support by providing their customers with lab tested products you can trust.


Something else was also included in my box from Plant The Seed. A new product; and one I've been honoured to be the first to try. Earth Oil - for face, hair and body - is the brand's new massage oil.

Sticking with a two-ingredient (100% organic) formula, Earth oil contains nothing but full-spectrum CBD and Jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil has a similar molecular structure to sebum, which we naturally produce to help moisturise and protect our skin. It's also a known anti-inflammatory, making it ideal for a number of skin conditions.

Deeply hydrating and filled with natural terpenes, Earth Oil is the one to reach for if you're looking for that spa-like feeling. Massage into clean, damp skin for best results.

Plant The Seed are a small business but their passion is enormous. For quality CBD, shop here.

Plant The Seed are a small business based in West Sussex. The brand is run by Georgie and Lewis, who are both passionate advocates for CBD. It seems we stumbled across the benefits in much the same way; by accident, and in total hindsight.
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