The Pax 3 vaporizer has been described as "the iPhone of vaporizers" and it's easy to see why. It's sleek design and communicative LED light display makes the Pax 3 unique to the market. It's no wonder it sits comfortably in the top 5 of the 10 best portable vaporizers.  

Pax 3 is definitely a step up from it's younger sibling, and at over *double the price of the previous model you should expect to see significant upgrades. It's predecessor was fit solely for vaping dry herb, but with a quick change of inserts Pax 3 can be used to vape extracts, too.

The oven heats in as little as 15 seconds and green lights mean go! There are four temperature settings to choose from ranging between 182-215 degrees celcius. These settings can be adjusted using the device, or via the app which I've found to be incredibly useful for a more tailored experience. (The app allows the user to choose a more precise temperature by heating and cooling in increments of 1 or 5 degrees.) Specific flavor profiles can be brought out with more precise temperature control. So if you're looking to benefit from a particular terpene then vaping is an excellent choice.

As well as a brilliant light show, the Pax 3 Vaporizer also communicates via a series of different vibrations. A long pulse indicates power on, while a short click means the device has been switched off. The vaporizer will also indicate when it has entered motion standby, and when the oven is ready. (This works in conjunction with the four, glowing green petal lights.) It makes for an incredible user experience and I find myself using it intuitively.

The app's option for "stealth mode" offers a discreet session which is essential for my lifestyle. Choosing this setting produces vapor with a minimal smell, meaning I can enjoy vaping in more open spaces.

For this reason I can see myself using this model a lot more than I did the previous, and even more so for the option to vape concentrates.

Do you vape? I'd love to know which device you opted for and why. Leave a comment and start the discussion!

Using the Pax 3 to gently elevate my workout session

*Over double the price for the Pax 3 complete kit. €199.99 otherwise.



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